Thursday, October 20, 2016

First Dates..Who should pay?

First dates....who should pay? Standards, should you settle?

My thoughts
I am a very traditional woman when it comes to relationships and dating.
Short answer: I think the guy should fit the bill for a first date.

Long answer
I also believe a man (if interested) should ask a woman out on a first date.
I believe a man should open your door, walk on the street side of the road, and pay for first dates.
Now..I knowwwww we live in a different , more modern world where first dates aren't as common anymore. It's all about the 'Netflix & chill'.

When a guy ask a woman out....I think he should pay the bill. However, I also believe that the woman should:
1. Be prepared to go Dutch. (The guy may not be traditional)
2. Offer to leave a generous tip.

A quick story

A guy who had been "chasing" me for years, build this perception of me on his own. He saw me as this woman who would never entertain anyone (rightfully so, as I was in a relationship) and was 'bourgeois'. I told him had he actually had a conversation with me he'd know I was the total opposite.

Although, he had this picture painted he was still interested.
When I told him I wasn't interested in dating anyone because no one could give me what I was looking for at the moment. 
(I didn't go into detail about what that something was...which is self satisfaction, self happiness, being happy as a single. I didn't want to get too deep into it.)
His response was "my standards were too high"  Yet, I hadn't actually asked for anything.
My response;
"My standards are too high for who? You?"

No one should ever lower their standards, beliefs or settle for less than they believe they deserve. **we all do at some point, but shouldn't **
At that moment I realized his assumption of what I was looking for was something materialistic or of monetary worth.
The conversation was so dissatisfying that it left a bad taste in my mouth.

My tolerance is still growing for the Non- open minded people in the world.

Something I crave is a satisfying, entertaining, positive conversation that will stimulate my mind and have me wanting more....yes a good ol Mind Fuck (excuse my French).

Going on a date is the easy part. *Electronics away*...enjoying an actual conversation is what makes it successful.

I've sort of went off the deep end huh?

So in conclusion....

Although there are a few traditional people left in the world. Being prepared and not having and financial expectations on a first date is important.
More importantly, having standards and sticking to them is A-OK.
Remember everything isn't for everyone...and everyone isn't for everything.


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