Monday, February 9, 2015

Lust List

Am I the only gal that lusts over lots of items at once??? I feel like it's all or nothing. Either I'm lusting over 4 or 5 (expensive) items at once or I'm not lusting at all. 
I go through these weird moments where I become so focused. Computer sitting in front of me, iPad mini on my lap and phone in hand. All on different websites as my mind races. My subconscious is telling me this is a bad idea, meanwhile I have hearts in my eyes, telling myself "I deserve it". I have definitely worn THAT one out. I need to find a better reason to ahhhhh (thinking of a word) *TREAT* myself. 
Well.... While I way the pros and cons of purchasing yet anotherrrr pair of expensive soles. I'll share my lust list with you guys.

What's on your lust list? Or maybe you shouldn't tell me. Haha



Lust List

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