Friday, September 5, 2014

New In - Kiko Haul

Bonjour peeps,
I'm finally somewhat settled in. Meanwhile, I've been wanting to  incorporate  a few items into my skincare routine.. My skin has been so up and down lately. I'm currently going through a breakout. Which seems to be the routine whenever I'm transiting to a new country. Anywho, I've been wanting to focus on my new found acne scarring. A never ending task. I also wanted to start using a toner which Ive never really used before. So initially I decided to pick up a simple toner nothing too fancy. I also decided to do some research on a brightening/dark spot serum/treatment that I could use daily. Ive read a lot of mixed reviews on the Clinique Dark Spot corrector. I am a Clinique fan but I decided against it. I ended deciding to get the Bare Minerals Biolucent Mineral Brightening Treatment. However, since I am in Paris and everything is over priced that option quickly went out the window. I wasn't able to find the Bare Minerals in store but I did come across the Clinique Serum at Sephora which was priced at 66€ for the 1oz compared to $49.50 in the states. Now when it comes to purchasing certain things I am willing to pay the extra money to have the item at that moment. I do realize sometimes it isn't worth it to pay the extra cash.
So I went to Kiko, which is one of my favorite european cosmetic stores. I am obsessed with their nail polishes…which I own about 20 of them. They have affordable prices, packaging is cute, and I'll rate the over quality of their products 4/5. My favorite mascara is by kiko and i absolutely love their full coverage concealer. So I hope these skincare products work out. Stay tuned for a review….maybe

As you can see here, I also picked up a Cleanser. Mainly, because the one I have is running low and I like the lather foam cleanser give. 

I also picked up a new 'day' eye serum. The one I have been using for the pass year or so is also by Kiko. It is not an actual eye cream, it is a anti-aging day cream. This cream actually didn't work for all over my skin as it made me break out. I started using it as an eye cream because I love the plumping/lifting effect it gives my under eye. Cons, are it actually burns my eyes :-(

Instead of splurging on a brightening serum like I started. I decided to pickup this brightening serum mainly because it was convenient.

I am telling myself right more mauve/rosey color lipsticks or lipliners. I adore kiko lipliners. They are pigmented, smooth and pocketbook friendly. Although, I already have a couple lipliners that are almost identical to these colors.

 xo, Tysh

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