Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Hiiiiiiiiii guysssssssss!!!!!

look who had the itch to blog. as you can see I've been sorta easing my way back into blogging with a few quickie posts.  Also, I've been sneaking squeezing in a few videos here. I do have a youtube channel. Ive been into the video thing. So check me out :-D I have soooo much to blog about. Ive been feeling very inspired lately.

I am so excited to be moving to Paris, France in less than a week. How freaking amaze-balls. I will be be living 15 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. How insane is that? I am so excited for a new journey yet again.

This will be the first year my baby boy attends school *insert real tears*. I've been home schooling him.  I'm nervous and anxious, but I know everything will be okay. He is so excited and ready to go to school. Everyday he wakes up asking how many days before we go to Paris.

I am so excited to capture the memories of this year. Ive been doing small amounts of research on photography and learning a little more on how to work the camera.

I am also excited for the upcoming season and watching MG kick ass on the court. I am so proud of all his accomplishments and humbleness. He literally completes my world.

As I sit here while Quil ride my back like a horsey, I can't help but to Thank my God for the amazing people in my life and the wonderful experiences.

Look forward to more posts and videos Until next time! KISSES

                                                                       xo, Tysh

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