Friday, November 29, 2013

DIY Makeup Remover

Hey Dolls….. or should I say Privet…..nahhhhh

If you don't know by now …I am all about the DIYin'. Although, I love to experiment with my beauty products. There is nothing like a good ol' coin saving diy project…Ha!

So I am totally vouching for this little recipe. I've been using it for over 6 months now. It's effective and inexpensive.

I typically apply the remover to a cotton pad and place it over my eye makeup, then gently removing the makeup.
To demonstrate how amazing it works, I used Bioderma on my left eye and my diy remover on the right. Doing the exact same steps on each eye.

Things you'll need:

A bottle of your choice (I choose travel size)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Facial Cleanser
LemonGrass Essential Oil (optional)

Step 1: I filled my bottle 3/4 with H20.

Step 2: I add an estimate of 1/4 of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. (Water & Oil doesn't mix, oil will separate and sit atop…no worries).
*Olive oil is a great makeup remover used alone as well as mixed.*

Step 3: I added literally one drop (or squirt) of my facial cleanser. (Clean n Clear Facial Brightening Cleanser)
*Cleanser will help with addition removing/cleansing*

Step 4: I added 2 drops lemongrass essential oil.
*The essential oil acts as a toner, helps with acne (which I suffer from) and gives your liquid a nice fragrance.*

Step 5: Shake bottle to combine all the ingredients.
*You will have to shake before each use as the oil will separate water after sitting.*

Sorry for the rough estimates guys!

Hope you gals give it a try!!!!



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