Thursday, October 17, 2013

Top 5 Beauty Gadgets/Tools I can't LIVE without


So I'm back with another post! Yayyyyyyyy!!!

So have you ever thought about how many beauty products and tools you have and just can't seem to live without? Or is it just me? OH!!!  O_o

Well I'll admit I am definitely a beauty junkie. I mean even when it comes to makeup, I just can not imagine having less than what I have. Hey a girl do need that was my justification.

I've manage to pick 5 of my most favorite beauty tools.

1. Clarisonic - If someone were to ever take this away from me I don't know how I would survive. I mean this thing is like a drill sergeant for my face. It keeps things in check. Life before the clarisionic was......well take a look yourself

Disgusting Right??? Yea I agree! Thank God for the Clarisonic. Or shall I say thank Ken Pilcher the inventor of this amazing device.

2. Epilator - It all started with the love hate relationship I had with my razor. I was sick and tired of razor bumps, razor bump scarring and even dark underarms. While I'm no longer dealing with the razor bumps, Ive found that using the epilator has been a life changer. I still shave on my lazy days, but overall the epilator tweeze the hairs out from the root which resulted in lighter underarms. Also, when i epilate my hairs wont grow back for up til 2 weeks. Versus shaving and I'll have a peach fuzz the very next morning.

3. Eyelash Curler - For sure this tool makes a world of a difference. I use a eyelash curler by Kiko. I also like the elf eyelash curler. When my eyelashes are curled my mascara just glides on and have my lashes standing tall. One of steps I never forget when applying my makeup.

4. Babyliss Pro Nano Flat Iron - I am still natural. When wearing my hair extensions I use this flat iron to get straight hair. My favorite part about it is the plates are so long. This thing gets hot and heat up in seconds. Also, it doesn't break off my hair. I noticed when using cheaper flat irons I would have to keep going over a section of hair in order to get it straight. That made my hair break off terribly. With the babyliss I go over my hair ONE time. Also, I love that it has adjustable heat setting. With straight hair there is no way I would be able to survive without this flatiron. And to add this is my second one, I gave my mother the first one when I first went natural.

5. BeautyBlender - I feel as though ever female that is into makeup should own a beauty blender. I try not to be fancy and use it everyday but sometimes I just can not help myself. This sponge applies foundation/concealer beautifully. The finish is so flawless and airbrush like. I love this sponge for several reasons. 1. you can use this sponge to achieve a lightweight look or you can layer for more coverage. can use is for cream blushes ( I even use it for powders, like highlights). 3. Its just pretty and worth every dime.

Extra #6
Tweezerman Tweezers - I tweeze my own brows for the most part. Tweezerman tweezers are definitely reliable and nice and sharp for removing those extra hairs.

So those are my top 5 (6) gadgets/tools I can not LIVE without.

Let me know some of your favorite gadgets that you use frequently....

Til next time



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