Thursday, July 12, 2012

How to: Fake it, Groomed Brows

Are you growing out your brows? Do you have a small obsession with the tweezers? Well, so do I!!

I am a fan of doing my own brows. Lately I've caught myself grabbing for my tweezerman's everyday. Good thing is..I caught myself before going over broad and over tweezing.

This is my brow routine that I do on a daily....enjoy

*Modify this routine according to your eye and face shape*

Things you'll need:

spoolie and/or brow gel
angled brush
brow pencil or powder

Step 1: Using a spoolie, brush hairs up and out in one direction.

Step 2: Using a brow pencil, or eyeshadow line the lower part of your brow.

Step : 3 (Optional) Extend the tail of your brow to frame your face better.

Step 4: Using a angled brush, blend color into the rest of your brow creating your shape.


Step 6: Brush hairs with a brow gel to work color throughout the brow & create a natural look

Step 7: Using your angle brush (or fingers) outline directly under brow with a concealer to give a clean effect. Blend!!!

Now you have "groomed" brows =))

Hope this was helpful!!!



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