Monday, May 28, 2012

MY Summer Makeup Essentials

 Fix + (Mac)
A holy Grail Item for me. I use this product year around. Multi Purpose Use. I use it as a refresher in the summer months. I also you before my "everyday" makeup to act as a added moisturizer. I use it to set my foundation, especially when wearing powder foundation. Love this stuff. Can't rave about it enough.

Tinted Moisturizer or Sheer/Light Coverage Foundation/Powder Foundation
For day time use I would wear a tinted moisturizer just to even out my skin tone. For a more put together look I'll use a light coverage foundation that is buildable. I also like to use my powder foundation for more  coverage on nights out.

Lady Danger Lipstick (Mac)
The perfect summer time RED lipstick. With an orange-y under tone. This lip color will def turn heads. One of my new favorite.

Blot papers
A must. if you have oily skin like myself, blotting paper is a great help. Not only do I have oily skin but I  also a perspire more in the heat. I like to carry these around to keep the shiny forehead under control.
*Quick DIY Tip- Use gift tissue paper as blot sheets. They absorb oil just as well & also saves a buck.  I simply cut tissue paper into small circles to keep in my compact for those extra oily moments*

Makeup remover wipes
Any makeup remover wipes will do. I like Mac's because they literally remove ALL of my makeup. I try to be a good girl and remove my makeup & wash my face before bed. Sometimes I get really lazy though and just use the wipes. I try not to fall asleep with my makeup on because my face will really hate me in the morning.

A Go-to Lipstick, Something Fresh (either a bright baby pink or a coral/peachy)
Please Me Lipstick (Mac) - A pinky lipstick with blue undertones its a matte finish (i love matte finishes). Everygirl needs a true pink lipstick. A nice day time lipstick and can also be transitioned into night topped with a pretty gloss for that added shine
Costa Chic & Please Me

A Go-to Blush (should also be a fresh pink or coral/peachy shade)
Peachykeen Blush (Mac) - Peachy/Coral blush with a light gold shimmer....super pretty for both day & night

MSF medium deep (Mac)--A light weight finishing powder...that I also dupe as a bronzer/contour powder.

MSF gold deposit (Mac)- A shimmery bronzer...a summer night out MUST HAVE.

Water proof mascara
I can't live without this stuff. This is an all year around essential for me. My fav is Loreal Voluminous

Hope you gals enjoyed my essentials

kisses & toodles

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  1. Ok I have recently become a little bit interested in makeup. Previously I have never worn any so I am soooo lost on what to look for, where to get it, how to apply, etc. I'm mostly only interested in eyeshadow, lip stuff and mascara which will work for a fresh everyday look that won't be too hard to apply or have me looking like a fool lol. Since I can not get out to the stores (medical injury) I am limited to online searching and buying. Don't want to waste my money so was wondering if you can offer any help or point me in the right direction at least :)