Friday, March 16, 2012

A video---Foundation Routine

Ciao Bloggers,

I finally made a video!!!! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! LOL

Okay so I have been talking about doing a video since I started this blog. Finally I set down and said "Ima give it a go". I had fun making the video and also editing. My editing skills can use some work....but its my first video so I have some time to get better.

I decided to do the video on my updated foundation routine (covering acne scarring). Check out my old technique here. So I changed my routine because I switched from using a powder foundation, but also because the heavy concealer was becoming a little too heavy. As my skin texture gets better I have to often change my routine. I have been able to maintain my breakouts with a change in diet. Now, I am focussing on my fading my scarring which is definitely getting better  as well.

So my technique has changed a little because I no longer use a heavy concealer and powder foundation for coverage. I currently use a medium to full coverage liquid foundation... and I actually don't conceal the scarring at all. The technique I use is the layering method. I do still use a sponge. I like the air brush effect it gives your skin.

So I hope you like the video & enjoy!!!

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