Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Latysha's Filling Chicken Pot Pie

Ciao Bloggers,

I haven't done a food post in ages. Being back in Italy I have to pull out my creative hand. I made this dish a few months back. It was such a success I thought I'd bring it back.

So if your interested in how I make my filling chicken pot pie.... Latysha's Way......keep on reading!!

Things you'll need:

boneless chicken breast
vegetable broth
Pre-made crust
flour or corn starch

Classic (Orignal) bouillon cube
black pepper
garlic powder
olive oil
butter or Pam spray

**I do not use any measurements when I cook**

Step 1: I add the vegetable broth to a pot to bring to a slight boil. While the broth is heating I begin to cut my potatoes and carrots into small/bite size pieces. Then, adding the veggies to the broth. Covering the pot and leaving the ingredients to simmer and become tender.

Step 2: I cut my chicken breast into bite size pieces as well.

Step 3: After cutting my chicken in to small pieces. I add a few tablespoons of Extra virgin olive oil to a pan. Then adding my chicken along with a couple of bouillon cubes, black pepper, and my secret ingredient garlic powder.

Step 4: While my chicken is cooking (half way done), I add a bowl of frozen broccoli to the rest of veggies. ( You can use fresh broccoli)

*Around this time I usually pre-heat the oven. So it can be heated by time I'm ready to use it.*

Step 5: I then pour more veggie broth into a bowl along with flour (you can use cornstarch), and whisk the two together to form a thicker gravy-like liquid.

Step 6: I add the veggies and potatoes to the chicken. (The chunky potatoes is what makes this dish so filling, along with the chicken). This is the time you can add more seasoning to your taste. I like a flavorful meal so I added a couple more bouillon cubes. (These things are packed with seasoning, so be careful a little can go a long way. Or you'll end up with a salt dish)

Step 7: I poured the veggie broth & flour mixture over the chicken and veggies . (On low heat) I left it to sit for a couple minutes to thicken and form a nice evenness .

Step 8: I buttered a "pie pan" (you can use any oil or spray you like). I then placed the dough/crust inside the pan. (The crust I brought happens to be a bit thicker than your normal pre-made crust)

Step 9: Next, I poured the pot pie filling into the pan.

Step 10: Finally, I placed my top layer of crust over the pie. I added little slits for ventilation and placed the pie in the oven for about 5 minutes. (you can leave the pie in there longer or shorter, depending on how you like your crust). I like mine a bit crispy :-)

........and that's it :-)

Hope you give it a try!!!

Buon Appetito!!

Until Next Time



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