Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Latysha hasn't had the motivation for blogging lately, despite my several attempts to get her to. Its weird because being here with me in Barcelona, Sicily the last few months there are about a million things to blog about. This is Mike by the way. How rude of me? Just wanted to share a few things about my time thus far in Sicily.
Sicily is an Island south of Italy, the language here is Italian and the Ocean water is blue (real blue). The food here is great, they seem to specialize in Egg plant. Its included in 80% of the food. We recently just witness a flooding disaster, which shut down streets, ruin stores and cars. It was unbelievable.
On another note Im am very excited about our first Xmas in our new home. We will be flying home this Friday and this five day break is much needed.
However thats all I have to say. Hopefully this entry gives Latysha some type of inspiration to get back at it.  Back to Twitter I go. Follow me @MrMikeGreen10 and her @ Tyshway!

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