Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Semi-Vegetarian Challenge

 Hey Bloggers,

Yes you heard me right! I have always thought about becoming a vegetarian, but I could not bring myself to give up on I've  done research on many different diets. I've counted calories, weight watchers,  low carb, you name it. I've come to the conclusion that you only live once and I will eat what I want (except meat).

I will say, besides craving a juicy steak every once in a while my main choice has always been poultry or some sort of seafood. I am not crazy about dieting. The more I tell myself I can't have it the more I want it. Therefore, I want this challenge to be more a lifestyle change than a diet.

I will solely eat lots of veggies (which I love now), fruits, and healthy snacks. For my main meals I will stick to eating plant based foods and seafood. I will allow myself an order of chicken 2-3 times a month :-D.

There are so many different forms of the vegetarian diet. So before I jump into a diet I would probably drop in a few days, I did a little researching.

Also, I've been wanting to do a cleanse. So before I start my new lifestyle change i will do a mini detox to make me feel better.

Along with this lifestyle change, I will continue to do my everyday workout routine. Which includes light cardio, 100 jumping jacks, 5 min jump rope, an a variety of abdominal & arm strengthening.

I'll be one healthy & fit gal in no time!!!!

So I've said many times that I wanted to try out the vegetarianism way of life so here I go :-))

Wish me luck Guys!!

*Semi-vegetarian diets consist largely of vegetarian foods, but may include fish or poultry, or other meats on an infrequent basis. *

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