Tuesday, September 13, 2011

LIFESTYLE: Healthy Eating

Hello Bloggers,

I been trying my best to live a healthy life style. I must say it is very challenging.  I am a gal who LOVES fried food. In order to live a healthier life I've made the choice to eat foods that are good for my body. Along with exercising. I have become a huge fan a veggies and even decided to do a trail period of semi-vegitarianism (I will explain more in my next post). I made sure I did my research. You guys probably heard me saying that I wanted to become a vegetarian but I am a huge chicken lover. Well, (hehehe) I guess this is where I meet myself half way. I will go into more detail about this later on...

So here are a few pictures of my day meals.....

BREAKFAST: Almond Milk/Vanilla Yogurt Smoothie, Granola Bar & Plum

LUNCH: Lean Pocket, natural Green Tea, & Water

SNACK #1: Water,  Lg Peach, 2 Lg Strawberries, & Lemon Herbal Tea (Non Caffeinated)

SNACK #2: Whole Grain Tortilla Chips with Salsa & Coconut Water

DINNER: Grilled EggPlant, Baby Spinach with V. Olive Oil & Lemon 

:-) This was my treat!!! But I wasted it because I felt like a lame for taking a shot by myself...lol

Through out the day I drank a lot of water with lemon which helps keep my body flushed. Also,  I noticed the more hydrated I am the less I crave other foods. Everything was pretty filling considering all the liquids I had throughout the day.

So I've been doing really good with eating healthy. When I do crave that fried chicken, I don't deny myself--I have it!!

My guilty pleasure is not so much sweets, but salty foods. So Im also trying to maintain my salt intake as well.

Until Next Time!!!



  1. I'm trying to eat healthier as well. I'm getting used to this whole "eating vegetables" thing lol.
    And your hair looks great! And you look beautiful in your post from last time! :D

  2. awww thank you!!! and try to hang in there with the healthy eating..hopefully it pays off right...lol..thanks for stopping by... kisses