Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To: Easy Classic Smokey Eyes--Latysha's Way

Hi chicas!!

So when I think of the classic smokey eye I think of the traditional colors (black & grey). So I tweaked it a tad bit with the colors to fit my personal taste. I feel the traditional black is not flattering for my eye shape and skin tone. As I'm sure many of you picked up that I love my neutral eyeshadows and earth tone shades. For this smokey eye I used a dark brown and a taupe shade.

*Feel free to use darker shadows as it suits your taste. Follow my guidelines and you'll be ready to hit the town with a sexy smokey eye in no time :-D

*** Colors are washed out! i am still trying to find the right settings on my camera to fix this...Sorry ***

Start With Bare eye lids!!

Add base! Across entire lid up to brow--(Mac Painterly Paint Pot) 
Place ya darkest color on your lid. Careful not to go past your crease!
(Mac Espresso)

Using a medium shade and a fluffy brush..met shadows together, blend and fade up into your brow.
(Mac Coquette)

Using a small brush apply your darkest color right where your lashes start.
Using your medium color apply it right under the dark color. Smoke it out to your liking.

I went back with a fluffy brush make sure everything blended together .
The idea is... to not be able to see where the colors start or stop. A gradient from dark to light.

Rim entire eye (water line, tight line, top lash line) with your blackest eyeliner and smudge a little
(Mac engraved Eyeliner)

Add several coats of mascara and/or falsies and
TA DA!!!

**--WEB CAM--**

                                                               HOPE YOU ENJOYED!!

Until Next time!



  1. Itlooks Fab! I'm glad you finally did a tutorial! i will be trying it this weekend, updates coming! thanks Love

  2. DAMN you´re beautiful!