Monday, May 9, 2011

Summer Picks/Haul, Hair Update

Hey Bloggers!! So summer is slowly approaching and this time of year is known as "UPS Season" lol. My mom calls it that because thats when I do the most online shopping and receive tons of packages.  :-D
So here are some of my summer picks/purchases:

First of, I been purchasing bright nail polishes like crazy. They are so fun to mix and match. I've already started my rocking different shades. I feel like the bright nail color is a cool accent color to some of my outfits.

                                                                 HAIR HAIR HAIR
 I may not have the most support for my natural journey. Nonetheless, I love my natural hair and been rocking my short do with much confidence.  I have been messing around trying to find the perfect regimen for my TWA. I THINK I've found it. WASH N GO'S :-D. So I recently did my first twistout: FAIL!! Omg i didnt like it. On another circumstance if I had better access to better products I think it would of  been a better result.(I only have my conditioners and a few essential oils). Also, I trimmed my hair a little more. Apparently I didnt cut all my relaxed ends off do my initial big chop. O_o

My current regimen, I literally been co-washing my hair everyday. Hmmm. Using a lot of product=spending a lot of money. I decided to skip my co-wash today and refresh my curls with leave-in conditioner & EVOO. Here is the result:

Also I did a ACV rinse!!! I am extremely happy with the results. My hair immediately felt a lot softer and cleaner. I've  decided I will do the rinse once a month.

On with my natural journey!!! ;-)

Until next Time!


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