Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Natural Hair Journey: 1 month/Protective Style

Ciao Bellas,

So time is flying by so fast!! I'll be back in the States really soon. So many wonderful things to look forward to this summer. My baby is turning 3. My fab solo trip to NYC. Hanging out with friends and fam My 1year experiments with dieting and exercise routines. Just relaxing and keeping a clear head.

So it's been one month since I chopped my hair off. Doing the past month I experimented a couple times. But I thought it'll be best if I just went with what worked for me until my hair grows out a bit more..which is wash and go's.

1 month Post BC

Doing the 1st month: I did a ACV rinse..which amazed me a lot. I also did a protein deep condition with some items found in my kitchen. The protein treatment left my hair so soft I could'nt believe it. Other than that I co-washed (with Cantu Moisturizing Rinse out Conditioner and/or VO5 Moisture Milkes Conditioner) quite often and learned the my little fro loves water.

I decided to put my hair in a protective style until I return home. My hair does not like heat (it's blazin' in Italy) so I will be rocking lots of protective styles this summer for sure.

So that's my update for my natural hair journey for the 1st month. :-)

Until Next Time!



  1. Yay! Congrats on one month. How long will you be stateside? The humidity here in Atlanta is killing my hair so I will definitely be wearing it pulled back away from my face to prevent breakouts.

  2. Thanks Monique!! Ill be home until mid August sometime. Im so excited