Thursday, February 17, 2011

OMG!!! A post!!

Oh how I miss blogging...

Heyyyyyy bloggers. Long time no So lots of updates!!

So first on my natural hair journey.I guess you can say I am officially transitioning. I am currently rocking kinky twist. They are growing on me. I must say it feels good not to have to flat iron my hair each morning. I am so hype about sporting my natural kinks that I went out and brought all types of oils and conditioners..hehe. I have yet to find a good shampoo to use (any suggestions). I have been thinking about doing a big chop. Initially I wanted to gradually cut of the relaxed ends, but hmmm I don't know yet.

1 month and counting :-))

Okay!! Moving along...Some new obessions...

My ipad. OMG who would of ever thought. Im like on the thing all day Between downloading movies and books..I just love it.

Wearing the same nail polish color on my nails and toes. i dont know. This is really all of a sudden. It never mattered to me before. Now it's like I have to have the same

Youtubing natural hair gurus. I am picking up a lot of tips and tricks..and just learning more and more about how to care for the

Shea Butter. OMG my new holy grail!! Seriously, I am not the type of person to lotion my body I look forward to moisturizing my body with the shea butter. I use it on my moisturizes his dry skin. I use it for my hair, my lips....I seriously love it. I went through my first little tube so fast I ran out and purchased the bigger


I plan on doing makeup this prom season :)) I know right..outta no
But I've been really excited to show my skills off a I think it will be fun. I even ordered a bunch of products so I'll be prepared :-)))

And someone saw me without makeup and said I thought you had good skin...lmbo. Well, I made a quick little video showing how I cover my acne scars and blemishes. Im jus too chicken to upload

Well hopefully you all will be hearing from me a lot more often now...

                                                        HAPPY NEW YEARS

Until next time!



  1. OMG!
    #1 Your eyebrows look great!(i'm trying to grow mines out. Sigh)
    #2 I've decided to go completely natural as well. I haven't had a relaxer since like '02 but I've flat ironed my hair to death.
    #3 I'm in search of a good shea butter! I don't want any over processed crap. I'm recently getting into coconut oil and I LOVE IT!!!! Have you tried coconut oil?
    anywho, goodluck on your hair journey!
    -Kaisha (Mocha from efbgirls) :)

  2. Thank you so much!! I have so much trouble with my brows.. So thanx...I haven't tried coconut oil...but I have heard some good I def will be trying Tht out..try coastal scents for the Shea butter.
    Btw..good luck on ya natural hair journey too..I'm still transitioning..I'm goin heat free...for at least six months cuz that's def where my damage come

    Anyways, thx for stopping past....xoxo