Sunday, December 5, 2010

TAG ♥ My Perfect Imperfections

Hey bloggers!!! I was tagged by the lovely Ms.Keira.

This tag was created on youtube and became very popular.

With this tag you have to name 3 imperfections that you have about yourself . No one's perfect and we all have imperfections. Then name 3 perfections...3 things that you really like about yourself.

My imperfections

1. My skin type. I have acne prone skin. So I almost always have a breakout of some sort..It's frustrating.

2.My hair. My hair is really thick and coarse. It frizz in a split second if I come in contact with heat. This changed while I was pregnant.

3.  My nose. I have a really wide nose that I feel take over my face sometimes..smh

My "Perfections"

1. My eyes. I love the shape of them. Also,my eyelashes are naturaly long.

2. My bum. LOL. It's small, but it fits me.

3. My waist. Its not super small.but, no matter how much weight I gain my waist stays a nice size.

What are are imperfections and "perfections"??

Comment below !!!

Thanks Keira for tagging me this was FUN!!!

Until Next Time!



  1. You look great! your legs should have been in the list. Thanks for doing this :-D

  2. thanks~~my legs should have been on there for the things i hate..for all the scars i have due to my tomboy-ish ways when i was