Sunday, December 26, 2010

Style: Let's make a statement!

Hey bloggers,

So let me start by saying I really hope all of you are enjoying the holiday season with your love ones.

I know I'm not the most fashionable person in the world but I try. When it comes to picking out accessories I am clueless. My jewelry/accessory collection is very small. BUT I do have some pieces...."Statement Pieces"...that makes up for my lack of jewelry.  I personally don't need loads of earrings and braclets to complete my look. With me less is more. For instance...on my day to day I keep is very simple by wearing a pair of stud key clove necklace or watch..and if im feeling funky I'll throw a ring on.

I feel every gal should have a few pieces to make her outfit (necklace, red pumps, a big ring, belt, etc)

So here are my "statement" pieces that I use to dress up a casual look. Enjoy.

I think belts are an essential in every girls closet. Big, small, colorful or sparkly any belt will surely give an outfit a bit of a twist while accentuating the waist. Paired with a blazer or caridigan for a more dressed up look.

High Heels
Obiviously heels dress up any casual look (Heels are MY casual look). Perferably, platforms and something with some color to give your look a pop. Also, paired with a cardigan or blazer for a more dressy feel.

I don't have a bunch of crazy necklaces. But this necklace definitely says something. Dressed up with a blazer even if your wearing flats.

                                                                         Red Lips
    My new favorite thing. Red lips..I mean what more is there to say. Paired with any type of demin jeans, a dressy shirt, caridgan, boyfriend blazer. Red lips just add that extra umph to whatever you're wearing even if its a paper


A must. Whether they're diamond hoops, chandelier, or just something big. Earrings are sure to change up things a bit. But be sure to keep all other accessories to a minimal. Don't want to over do it.

Hope you blog-heads enjoyed!!

Until Next time!


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