Monday, December 20, 2010

Products I HEART at the moment!

Hey bloggers, It seem like forever since I last blogged. But really its only been a week or so. My computer is down because I use it non stop..smh. Well, actually it's the charger that went out on me. I've been wanting a Apple Mac for awhile so that just may be my birthday gift to myself... am I the only one who's always buying herself her own gifts?? It's funny that I make wish lists and I don't send it to anyone I just always buy everything off the list myself. Anyways, I haven't done a "beauty post" in a bit so this one is a little over due.

So I know I haven't did my monthly favorites in a couple months. To be honest I haven't really had any. I've been jumping all around my makeup collection just trying different things and products.

I have a few products that I have been loving at the moment and been using everyday for the past week or two. Sooo here they are:

Mac Smolder Eye Kohl

I have been digging rimming my eyes with this pencil. It just goes on so smooth.

ELF Eyebrow Kit

I am surprise i haven't featured this in any of my past favorite posts (i think). I have been tweezing my brows and I like using the wax side to give my brows a more tamed look.

Mac Patina Eyeshadow

Finally, I have Patina. I have been wanting a soft gold/taupe color for everyday. I have Mac woodwink and I find it's too much to wear everyday..Although it would be perfect for someone with tan skin..even dark skin. Woodwink is very pretty but not for everyday for my skin tone.

My Patina Look

Patina is the left
Woodwink on the right

Clinique Cleansing Mask

I am foever trying to find my perfect skincare regimen. I love trying products that suit my skin type. So far so good. My skin feels pretty refreshed after using this mask.
Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel

I have been on the hunt for a good moisturizer for a long time. I think I found it! I have oily skin as most of you know, this gel is really hydrating and it doesn't add any shine. I will definitely purchase this again..I love love love it! :-)

*Photos from Yahoo Images*

Until Next Time!

(I am using my bf computer for now)


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