Saturday, November 27, 2010

25 Random Things About Me

Hey bloggers. Up late and decided to do this very popular post. Hope you Enjoy my randomness. :-)


1 I don't like my brows- they are unruly and I still haven't found my go-to shape

2 I have trouble sleeping. especially if I'm excited on have something on my mind ill stay up forever.

3 I am obsessed with weddings. I already planned my wedding out down to the budget. I know how I want my makeup, hair, and accessories to be. EVERYTHING!

4 I drive myself insane trying be the perfect "girlfriend" sometimes.

5 I have my tragus and belly button pierced.

6 I sometimes get motivation from music, books or quotes/sayings when I'm feeling down.

7 My favorite healthy snack is baby carrots with ranch or ceasar dressing.

8 I give my son at least 20 kisses a day...he is so bad but so cute.

9 When i gain weight it goes directly to my mid-section and my face :-(

10 I am a planner. I like to plan everything in advance down to a T. (hence number 3)

11 I had a breast reduction.

12 I always use ellipses (,dot,dot or jumping from one topic to the next) when typing…

13 I am a Mommy's girl.

14 I am a red wine drinker any kind that isn't dry :-)

15 I read 8 books in the 1st 2 months living in Cantu. (that's a new

16 I am careless with all material things.(unless it was a gift- I usually cherish things from other people) (I wish I cared more)

17  I do things in the spur of the moment...i.e cut my hair, buy an item, get a tattoo, cook breakfast at 3am...SMH

18 I have to purchase SOMETHING/ANYTHING when i am feeling sad or depressed. It just put me in good spirits.

19 I pretty much think i am the nicest person in the world until my buttons are pushed..then there's no turning

20  Sometimes I cared too much (I am always trying to please--i am a

21 I don't like my hair. (Since having my son, my textured has changed to really course hair)

22  I say this a lot. I want to become a vegetarian but i cant bring myself to give up

23  I live life carefree. I try not to take it to seriously. I try not to let small things bother me. (TRY)

24  I avoid working out. I tell myself everyday that im going to start working out the next day...then I tell myself i like my body the way it is to make me feel better about not working &smh

25  I am doing this post at 3am


Until Next Time



  1. great questions , new follower thanks for stopping by my blog !!hope you can follow to !!

  2. Thanks!! Im wayyy ahead of I been following for a while

  3. We actually have a lot in common... except the wedding part lol. I planned my wedding and omg i never want to plan another wedding again. It was so stressful and still some things went wrong and i was upset. I love this post.

  4. lol..thanks, i really have a wedding folder on my computer with details..smh

  5. You've been tagged! Check out my blog :-D