Sunday, October 17, 2010

Randomness, Update, My first video!!!

Hey bloggers. So with a little motivation I have been consistently working out this week. It feels good. I am trying to slowly change my eating habits..I don't eat a lot, but I snack a lot. Which is not good. I eat yogurt and have a large glass of tea or coffee for breakfast ..and most days its just tea. I barely eat lunch, but since I cook dinner every night that's usually my meal of the day. Anyways, the ever so popular Green was interviewed yet again and this time he has full length page article in the newspaper..and of course its in Italian. I guess Cantu has some big expectations for M. The 1st official game start tomorrow. I am lucky to have an automatic car, but traveling with Jaquil can be a lot of trouble sometimes. So I am sitting this one out. I am pretty excited about the season, I know M is too. He'll be playing against some good teams, but he loves competition.
M and I both had a taste for salad so I whipped up a grilled chicken salad with extra eggs (we love eggs in our salads) and we went to town. Jaquil being the picky eater that he is had a different meal. Jaquil is blossoming right before our eyes. He is learning so much. Now we have to watch what we say around him because he is starting to repeat. I don't have a potty mouth but I do slip here and
I have been thinking about upgrading my camera to a DSLR. I am getting in to photography a little each day. I love my camera. I did a lot of research today and there are so many features on the camera that I think I'll hold on to it a little while longer.

my face look fat...they spelled my baby name

Messing around with some dark makeup

Ok on the daily dose of makeup talk. I finally made my first video. It will probably be my last because of the editing process. Anyways, this video was made for the mommas on the go. I got my 1st request :-). Btw, I am really excited to be able to share my beauty tips and tricks with other gals who may not know as much about makeup. I already mentioned that I am still a beginner myself. I got into makeup maybe a 1 1/2 year ago while living in Turkey. My obsession grew from there. It's what I love, it's my hobby.
When I was back home working, I tried to sleep to the last possible minute(I NEED all of my rest). Once I was up, there was no time left for me to do much of anything expect get the baby and myself ready for the day. I often had little or no time to do makeup. I did my makeup in the car or in the ladies room once I got to work. It became part of my schedule to go straight to the girls room to pretty up. It takes less than 5 minutes I did change it up some days going for a black eyeliner on my top lid. Simple yet effective.

So since my video was a total UPLOAD FAIL!! :-( I am going to quickly explain to yall how to tidy up that morning

I started of by applying a shimmer or satin finish eyeshadow(Mac Sable eyeshadow). I just applied it all over blending up. I find that eyeshadows with shimmer/satin finishes make you look a little more done up. Next, I apply a black eyeliner to my tightline, just to make my lashes look thicker (but that's optional). Next, I apply several coats of mascara to top and bottoms lashes. Finally, apply a tinted moisturizer and just blend with your fingers like you would your regular moisturizer. Lastly, add a gloss and you're on your way. It seriously takes me 4-5 minutes to do this. I like to leave the house looking like 'SOMETHING'.. and with only a few products I am able to quickly fix up.

So since my video did not upload. I like to entertain you all with some of my cam whoring

LOL. that was fun...hope you didn't



Until Next time!!


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