Saturday, October 2, 2010

Rambling, Switzerland & September Favorites

Hey bloggers, Ohhh where do I start. I've been really lazy. I haven't even thought to blog. Although, I still been reading other blogs. Well, let me start by saying.....I MISS U.S.A. I've never been so home sick in my life. Besides missing my family and friends, I just miss getting up and going to Target or the Mac store. I mean I can say it is so much easier for me to save money here because everything is a little bit aways. I miss having my random moments, where I decide I want to buy something and I just get up and go get it. Ohhh home sweet home how I miss thee.

Anyways, I must also say that living in Cantu isn't so bad either. I'm a city girl, but I also love my peace and quiet. Cantu is actually a pretty small area. I can see my self living here IF they had a Target, a large shopping center (with all my favorite stores)  a little closer and a Chili's restaurant (lol). Am I asking for too much??

So a few nights ago we went to SWITZERLAND. Although I didn't get to go to their very popular Outlet Mall, I still had a pretty good time. We went there for the formal introduction of Pallacanestro Cantu (the team). After the intro, we all ate and drank while a live band played on stage which was pretty nice. Doing dessert time they had a comedian come out for entertainment. Without my permission, (LOL) the waiter continuously refilled my glass with champagne...oh but I didn't mind. Now even though the comedian was speaking Italian, I somehow manage to pick up on some of the things he was I am thinking about taking an Italian class. The language seem really easy to pick up.

Okay, on to my favorites. My favorites for this month is pretty much the same from last month with the exception of a few products. I have been wearing less face makeup since I'm at home for the most part. I am very proud to say my face has been clearing up really well. I have been being extra careful with my facial routine and just making sure I clean my makeup brushes weekly. I also spot clean my brushes daily. My pimple scars are lightening up, which make an easier foundation application. My favorites mainly consist of products and tools that I like to use together. So here it goes...

 First, I officially changed my foundation routine. NO MORE POWDER FOUNDATION. Also I've change my moisturizer. So, here is my 1st combo. I have been using my Cetaphil daily moisturizer everyday before applying my foundation. Now, for more of a natural look I use a damp sponge and I'll use very little foundation to cover up some of my redness and camouflage my scars. For a night look, I use a little more foundation and my Flat top Sigma buffer brush for more coverage.

Next, is Mac Lillicent Cream blush & Mac 109 Contour brush. This is seriously the ultimate duo. I hated this blush after the first few tries. I immediately threw it in the back of my container. I use the 109 brush mainly for my bronzer. It is the perfect size. I've tried a few brushes with the cream blush and none seem to apply it the right way. After trying it with the 109 I fell in love. It blends so well and a little goes a long way. These two were meant for each other. LOL

 After receiving my Sigma brushes. I decided to give all the brushes a try. I am so use to using an angle brush for my eyeliner that I was a little intimidated when I saw the Sigma E65 brush I didn't know what to do. Well I gave it a try, and as you can see it is now a favorite.I use it with my Maybelline gel liner. Easy application. Love it.

Mac Painterly Paint Pot. All time favorite base. I have been using this product as a base/primer since I bought it. It helps my eyeshadows stay on a little longer. Does not crease. I can't complain. This paint pot is always incorporated in my makeup routine

 Sigma F60 Foundation brush. I can say that I hate using foundation brushes for foundation. I think its too much work to blend. I specifically use my foundation brush to conceal large areas. My cheeks is where I need the most coverage. This brush is by far the best foundation brush I have EVER used. I can say that for the price I am very impressed and satisfied with the quality and softness the Sigma Brushes.
I have yet to find a place to do my brows. So I'm still tweezing. They are growing so thick.

I know, I know..I have a extremly hairy face.

Well I hope you all enjoyed this post. I may do a quick day to night makeup look. I realized I am always being rushed by my bf  to speed up my "getting ready" process. I often have to be quick and just use a few products to intensify my daytime look. So maybe I can show you all a few tips on how to do that.
Also, a day to night look in my opinion is something you do when you're press for time. If your able to take off all your makeup from the day and start over then it's not considered a day to night look. Ive seen so many tutorials were a guru is basically taking off all her face makeup and reapplying it..which totally defeats the purpose.

Until next time bloggers!



  1. I def understand the missing USA part. I cannot survive without Target, Mac, Steve Madden, and soooooo many stores. But i also like that you get to be in different places to travel. I don't get to do that. I love the painterly paintpot from Mac but not sure about Sigma brushes... i think i might give them a shot. <3

  2. Yes keira, def give them a try. I started out with the individual brushes and then i just purchased the 12pc set. i can say i love each one.And i like traveling..i just get my moments where i get really homesick. you should see the list i made for when i go

  3. I'd miss the U.S too. But your lucky you get to travel. Loved your Outfit outfit. You have a very beautiful family.=)