Sunday, October 10, 2010

Weekend Recap

Hey bloggers. It's October. Time is flying by. I'm a little sad that Bennet haven't put out any Halloween decorations. When I was back home, I think I decorated for every holiday. There was always something on our front door from a large four leaf clover to a huge Valentine's day sign. Are you guys dressing up for Halloween?? I may make up both Quil and my faces for the day..and buy a few bags of candy...ohhh maybe I can make candy apple and scary cookies :-)

Anyways, this weekend came and went. Yesterday, we headed to Foxtown Outlet Mall which is in Switzerland. The mall was a disappointment for me. So I didn't purchase anything expect a pair of Adidas flip flops because silly ol' me decided to wear heels for shopping. SMH. What was I thinking right? My feet were killing me.

Also, I wanted to share M's 4-page spread. Yay!! Although, it's in Italian, I still think it's pretty cool. So proud of him. He's like a little celebrity here. Someone is always coming up to him weather it's at the grocery store or a restaurant. I think it's kind of funny. Last night, we were at dinner and this young boy walks up shaking his hand and speaking in Italian. M just sat there and smile because the little boy was speaking so fast all we could pick up was Ciao and Mike Green. LOL.

Also, for the past 2 weeks I have had my eyes locked on the television. Green finally got me to watch the series of a TV show called 'The Wire'. Let me tell you, there are 5 seasons..and a lot of episodes. I ran through those babies. Sometimes staying up to 5 am just because I had to know what would happen next. Actually the past 2 nights I passed out on the sofa from an overdose of it. Nonetheless, I finally finished all 5 seasons. I am a fan...I loved it. I'm also a fan of Idris Elba, and this show made me LOVE him even He is such a good actor...and sexy <3. Anyways, now that I ran through that, I am going to go back to watching my Sex and the city series..starting from season 1. Love  Sarah Jessica Parker and all of her shoes :-)

Well that's all for now, I am going to finish up this episode of Diego with my little monster.

photo from yahoo images

lame for taking a picture of the

Loving Bruno Mars song...I watched the video a thousand times LOVE IT...check out the video here

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  1. Love the magazine pics of my bro! #hotsh*t

    Your a Idris Groupie #smh

    Kiss mookie poo 4 me!

    <3 yall!