Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Let's talk makeup: Foundation

Hey bloggers. Let's talk makeup. Now I know most of the gals that visit my blog are people from my hometown. Now, one of my friends once fussed at me a about "beating my face". There are a lot of myths, that makeup ages you and so on. Well, after learning about makeup and how to correctly apply it you learn a lot different. Makeup protects your skin. I try to use products that contain SPF in it. For the gals that don't know SPF protects your skin from the sun (which is what ages you).

I have combination skin. I am oily on my forehead, nose, and chin. My cheeks, and around my hairline is really dry. Before getting into makeup, I could care less about skincare. I have acne prone skin ,so I have breakouts at least once a week ( I know, Sucks!!). To minimize my breakouts, I wash my face twice and day..and sometimes 3 times depending on nights out. I wash my brushes once a week (which I never did before), I spot clean my brush after each use. I try to keep my face moisturize. I exfoliate 1-2 times a week, and I do a deep cleansing mask at least once a week. I like to give myself a facial at least once a month (Check out how to do  it yourself here)

I personally wear makeup because it enhances my beauty. I obviously don't have perfect skin. I have many acne scars on my cheeks and a lot of redness throughout my entire. Also my face is lighter than the rest of my body, therefore I wear foundation and tinted moisturizers to even out my skin tone and block out some of the redness. I know what your thinking!! So many of you are afraid to try foundation for the fear of looking "fake". As long as you have a foundation that matches your skin tone and you BLEND, then the makeup shouldn't even be noticeable to the naked eye. It should look like your skin...and nothing else. If you have nothing to cover up then maybe foundation isn't for you. Keep in mind that there are many varieties of foundations that range from sheer to full coverage. For someone that doesn't have many scars or redness I would recommend wearing a moisturizer or even a tinted moisturizer containing SPF to protect your skin.

There are before and after pics to show to that wearing foundation doesn't make you look FAKE. However, this routine is more of a day look ( maybe for work, school, or lunch dates). For a night look, I usually go a little more dramatic with my eye makeup and use a full coverage foundation for flawless skin. Also, check out my post on how to enchance your beauty here.

I do not wear makeup everyday. I like to let my skin breathe a couple days out of the week. More so now, since I am stay at home mom. I hope this post was informative and if you have any questions leave a comment below ( you don't need an account to comment)

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