Saturday, October 23, 2010

Let's talk makeup: Brushes

Hey bloggers. Just finish my yummy dinner. I made tacos tonight and I am stuffed :-D. Food makes me Anyways, I'll continue my 'Let's talk makeup' series. So I know I am not the first person to say this and probably won't be the last. So here it is. Makeup brushes are soooo overrated. I mean seriously a gal do not need ten's of brushes to do a great makeup look. I decided to do this post because I seriously watched a tutorial where a guru did an entire makeup look using a q-tip. Amazing! Blending and everything. I sometimes feel like a fool when I look at the 50+ brushes that I have, but I know it's my obsession that led to make all those unnecessary purchases. When I first started off doing my makeup, I used those little sponge tip applicators to do my eye makeup. and my fingers and/or those little beauty wedges for foundation. I have came across some brushes that apply my foundation with little work and blend amazingly. But I think that with a some work, my fingers and those wedges did the job just as well. As far as eye makeup goes, I think that with one good blending brush that's all a girl needs. I believe I can survive with 1 blending brush if I absolutely had to. Blending brushes are so multi-user friendly. (if that made sense)

Some of the first brushes I purchased were from Elf, up until recently. They are affordable and definitely get the job done. I was doing just fine with them until I HAD to own the Sigma brushes. Now I never been one to have to HAVE name brand ANYTHING. I mean I just don't have expensive taste. I like to buy what I want when I want it. So not having expensive taste is a good thing or I'll be super broke with designer totally off subject...rambling gets the best of me sometimes. So moving along, I have heard and read so many wonderful reviews on Sigma brushes and how they are comparable to Mac (expensive a*s brushes). So I had to give them a try...and I'm-a-liking. So I decided to do a comparison between my sigma brushes and some and of my elf and drugstore brushes. Now I totally recommend to just invest in the Sigma brushes, but not everyone is total makeup geeks. Therefore, these other brushes will do same job for less money.

SIGMA Flat top kabuki brush vs Elf Studio Powder brush

Since really learning about foundation I've been into flat top brushes. Application and blending is effortlessly done. I love both brushes. Because the sigma brush is a little denser, i love it more.
Sigma brush $16  Elf brush $3 

Sigma F40 vs Essence of Beauty
Angled Brushes

Used mainly for blush these brushes apply the same. This sigma brush is a bit softer, but for the price you get more for your buck with essence of beauty. The EOB is a duo brush.
Sigma brush $14 Essence of beauty $14.99 (Set of 3 duo brushes)(CVS)

Sigma F50 vs Studio tools

Duo Fibre Stippling Brush
Can be used for a sheer application of foundation or blush. Sigma brush is a little bigger and bristles are a little stiffer. Depending on what your using it for, if just blush I'd go for the studio tools. If foundation the Sigma, only because it's bigger.
Sigma brush $16 Studio Tools $7 (Target)

Sigma F60 vs Essence of Beauty
Foundation Brushes
Sigma brush is smaller, but softer.Essence of beauty is a duo brush with a concealer brush on the other end. I personally like the size and texture of the sigma brush (I use mine for concealing)
Sigma brush $14 Essence of Beauty $14.99 (Set of 3 duo brushes)

Sigma E45 vs Coastal Scents
Small tapered blending
Used to precisely apply shadow in the crease area. Both brushes do the same job with equal softness. Sigma brush is a little more pointed which makes for a even more precise application. Love both of them.
Sigma Brush $9 Coastal Scents $2.49(approx)

Sigma E65 vs Elf
Angled Brushes
I love both these brushes and use them both daily. Sigma is more dense and stiff which is great for eyeliner. Elf is really soft, not as dense, but not flimsy either. Great for eyebrows.
Sigma brush $9  Elf brush $3

Sigma E70 vs Elf
Angled shader brushes

Love the sigma. Fluffy, soft, packed. I use it to place shadow in my outer corner. Elf just a smaller version. Not as soft or packed, but can't complain with the price.
Sigma brush $9  Elf Brush $1

Sigma E30  vs Coastal Scents
Pencil Brushes
Sigma is more pointier and softer. Rarely used the coastal scents.
Sigma Brush $9  Coastal Scents $2 (give or take a few pennies)

Sigma F30  vs Elf
Powder brushes
I love the sigma because its larger and more packed. Elf still good just a bit smaller with flimsy bristles.
Sigma brush $16  Elf brush $3

Sigma E40 & 35  vs Elf
Blending Brushes
Sigma 35 is the ultimate blending brush (i have the travel size) Can be used for multiple things, but most important is BLENDING. (I don't care to see a gal with un-blended makeup 8-p). Sigma E40, large fluffy brush makes blending really easy. The brush just do the work for you. Elf brush, with a little work it does the job, also a good crease brush. Used to be my favorite brush before discovering the E40 & 35.
Sigma brushes $9  Elf brush $1


Add what would this post be with out a food

Hope this was informative in case you were thinking about buying some brushes.
BTW, I was not paid to do this. Just my opinion on some girly stuff.

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  1. You have so many brushes! I have like 6 ANd I have that same short fat one! I'm getting more soon. Have you tried sandra kashuk brushes?So soft!

  2. Girl thats all u need the main brushes...but i dnt even use most of them anymore. I haven't tried those brushes, but dnt tempt think i have enough for