Thursday, October 21, 2010

How to: Shrimp Tempura Rolls (Latysha's Way)

Hey hey hey. So I was pretty excited to do this post. I very often crave these babies. When I brought my 1st sushi kit. I was shock at how easy it was. Since I had the night off from cooking dinner, I decided to make these for myself. These rolls are really good and great as starters or appetizers. I am also a seafood lover and a spicy food lover so sometimes I like to at my own little twist to the popular roll.  Jaquil even likes it (well the shrimp at least). So if you have never tried sushi before..try the shrimp tempura. Actually, this particular roll isn't considered "real sushi" by some folks. But hey whatever you call it, its good and makes my tummy happy.


Lets get started!!

Things you'll need:

Sushi rice
4 large Shrimp
1 Cucumber
1 tsp mayonnaise
2-3 tbsp flour
1/2 cup oil
1/2 cup (approx) cold water
1 egg
cayenne pepper (seasonings)
nori (seaweed paper)
bamboo mat
condiments- wasabi paste and soy sauce

*Ingredients based on 1 serving*

Step 1- Cook your rice - I prepped my rice a day in advance. (you can buy sushi rice as is but it's basically a short grain rice with sugar, salt, and vinegar) Place your rice in the refrigerator to cool.

Step 2- Making your tempura batter. Your going to add your egg to a small bowl. Also, add your cold water (should be about the same amount as the egg). Beat and stir the two. Next, add your flour. Stir until you get a pancake like consistency.

Step 3- Take your shrimp and coat it in the tempura batter. (Don't forget to remove shell, leaving the tail on a couple shrimp)

Step 4- Place your shrimp in a frying pan (with the heat on low, you don't want your shrimp to cook too fast). Fry shrimp until golden brown.

Step 5- Using your bamboo mat. Place Nori onto mat. With damp fingers, start spreading rice over nori. (this can get a little messy)

Step 6- Flip over the nori so the rice is facing down.

Step 7- Add your shrimp, cucumber, and spicy mayo on the one end of the nori. ( I added a bit of cayenne pepper to the mayo for a little heat)

Step 8- Using your bamboo mat, start rolling the sushi while pressing firmly to hold everything together. Once you finish rolling place the bamboo mat over the sushi and slightly squeezing for that neat rounded shape.

Step 9 - Cut your sushi into the desired size rolls.

Step 10- Add wasabi and or soy sauce. Bon Appetit!!

Until Next time!!!


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