Monday, October 18, 2010

How to: Sangria (Latysha's Way)

Hey yall!!! I wanna share with you all one of my favorite drink recipes. Since living in Europe, I experience different types of drinks. One of my favorites is definitely sangria. This drink come from a "Spanish" background. And I actually had my first sangria at a Mexican restaurant in Belgium. Most restaurants do serve sangria's in America, but the drink is really popular here in Europe. A great party drink!! So pulled out your punch bowls and lets get fruity :-)

Things you'll need: (based on a small party punch bowl)

1 bottle of red wine of your choice (preferably dry)
1 large lemon
2 small limes (or 1 large lime)
1 large orange
1 cup of strawberries (you can also add a variety of different berries)
3/4cup of apple juice
1/4 cup of sugar

Step 1- Pour entire bottle of wine in bowl.

Step 2-  Add your apple juice

Step 3- cut your berries into small bite size pieces

Step 4-Squeeze your lemon, lime, and orange juices into bowl.

Step 5- Add berries

Step 6- Add the pulp of the orange to the bowl.

Step 7- cute lemon and lime into tiny pieces and add to the punch.

Step 8- add sugar (to taste) and stir

Step 9- place in the fridge to CHILL!

Very simple and tasty.  I recommend to use a strainer if your not crazy about fruity floaters.

serve with the mini plastic forks to eat the fruit...its the best part!!! :-)

Also, I taste sangria at most of the popular restaurants in my home town. If you are interested and have a Red Lobster Restaurant in your area..try theirs out. By far they had the best in town!!! Give it a try and let me know how it came out!!!

Until next time!


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