Saturday, October 30, 2010


Hey bloggers. So I know a while back I was complaining about the stores around here not having any Halloween decorations and costumes. Well at the last minute, the local grocery store decide to put up a small display area with Halloween decor, you know I was too hype. I started throwing stuff in the cart right away. Although, the selection was a small one I was grateful nonetheless. They had more costumes for adults than they did for children. Anyways, I picked up one of the few choice costumes for Quil. I wanted to also do a little dress up so I picked up devil inspired ears and bow and help M pick out a mask. I got a few bags of candy and then we were all set. Well, once I got home I started to decorate I even blew up a few orange and black balloons that my little monster eventually busted. We didn't do anything special, just sat around and ate a bunch of candy (because I hate scary movies). Don't worry, I made sure baby boy drank lots of aqua to wash it down.

MY LITTLE PUMPKIN...he is too freekin cute!! <3

FOOD SHOTS!!! :-))
A couple of my lunches this week!!

My Blazin' Hot Wing YUM!!!

Shrimp Scampi w/ Hot pepper seeds...I love the heat!!

The pretty leaves are changing colors

Happy Fall!!

Until Next Time!



  1. Too freakin cute!

  2. He is so adorable. I love halloween and christmas decorations ;-D

  3. thank you!! :-)me too!! The little things that makes life so much better!

  4. aww your littleboy looked so cute :)

    i use a canon rebel xs! its actually the cheapest dslr but thats okay. i actually think its how you edit the pictures that make it look 'good' more than buying a $3000 camera. of course a 3000 dollar camera will take better pictures but you know what i mean! haha.

  5. I love the pics and your son is getting so big! I'm all about the scary movies except Leprechaun's scary ass lol and I'm over here hungry looking at them wings LOL!!! Thanks for the luv check ya out later friend!!