Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away

Hey lovely bloggers. Well yesterday was a pretty neutral day.. but I'll tell you about it anyway. So I walked to the coffee shop and got my usual. I sat there and read for about an hour. The weather is finally breaking here. The day started off pretty warm and the rain creep up on us. Anyways, being as though I have so much time on my hands. I finished off Wifey part1 once I got back home. Now, for the past few days I have been craving CHILI. I had made up my mind and that was going to be dinner for the night. It's quick and easy..and that's the route I was going for. So I made my grocery list and waited for M to come. Finally, after 3 long hours of waiting we headed to Bennet. As I was looking for kidney beans, Mike walks up and decided to tell me he didn't like beans in his chili. LOL...Awwww man (in my Swipper voice) Plan B. What was we going to eat for din din?? Mike decided on dogs and that's what is was. Back at home, once our "wurstel di pollo" were finished cooking we chowed down. Once the boys heading off to bed. I was the only one up. I hadn't had a nap all day but I wasn't sleepy. I stayed up and decided to start reading Wifey part2. Sitting there reading I started hearing noises. Now I am a really creepy person. The smallest things creep me out. Come to find out it was raining outside.

This morning I woke up to that same noise. It is really pouring here. Right now I don't mind. I hopped up out of bed and took a shower. Finally after showering and then washing Quil up. I made breakfast and watched some cartoons with my love. Today is going to be a cozy movie day. How was your day? Did anything exciting or fun??

YUM! lol

The Coffee Shop

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