Monday, September 13, 2010

Mike Monday's: Everything is Debatable! -Series 2

It has been a while since I last checked in on Tysh’s blog. Been very busy with migrating from the condo in Philly to Cantu,Italy. We finally settled down. Tysh has been blogging non stop and to be honest she has gotten a lot better at it. Got to give credit when credit is due. Im now thinking about blogging. However I still want to do Mike Monday’s. So with  that being said. Let’s Debate!

When is it time to tie the knot? Get married? Results may vary, lol. 
Everything is Debatable!


  1. Ummmm... I don't really think that there's a certain time u should tie the knot. Everybody is different and has different situations. Now y'all on the hand need to hurry up and figure something out before my fat ass won't be able to fit in a

  2. When you both feel as though ya'll are ready. there is no time limit you dont want to rush into something and not be ready for it. wasted marriage and for most dudes they only feel like and want to get married once in their life so i feel like when your both ready so hopefully the marriage lasts...

  3. I also believe there is no time limit. When the time is right both ppl should know. I also agree with not rushing thing and only getting married once. This is a good topic but there are so many other things to it other than when the timing is right. I mean, 2 ppl should both want the same thing. therefore how long is long enough to be in a relationship without commitment?? I mean everybody really is different. Look at Lamar Odom & khloe. Married after 1 month. Relationship still goin strong after 1yr. When you know someone for more than 3yrs you know everything about them and you become comfortable with your then comes commitment..theres no reason not to do it....its just the right thing to do..hmmmm just my opinion!! Thanks for commenting yall!!!

  4. I dont there is a time limit or rule. I also believe its not wise to look in on someone else's relationship to measure. Tysh you said Odom and Khloe one month of knowing and a strong year. There are people who divorce after being together 10-20 plus years. We all agree each situation is different. I guess what should be debated is WHAT STEPS YOU BELIEVE SHOULD BE INTACT BEFORE MARRYING? (Finances, Children, Career, Home or is Love enough?)

  5. I AGREE PPL DO GET DIVORCE AFTER YEARS. but there is something called the end of the day you & your partner need to do whatever it takes to make it work. Divorce shouldnt ever be an option!!! As far as what should be intact before marriage.. I believe you should marry b4 children, both ppl should have a career, i dnt think finances should be a main dnt have to be rich or poor to have a commitment..therefore love should be having an actual wedding is a different story..not every1 cant afford 1...but its the commitment that matters....once again my opinion