Wednesday, September 1, 2010

How-to: Smokey Eyes (Latysha's Way)------Step by Step

**Disclaimer-- I am not a makeup artist. This is just my interpretation of a smokey eye..MY WAY!!**

Hey all. This will be a picture tutorial of one of my favorite night time looks. This look is really versatile and can be worn in the day time with some lighter colors.

*I wore this look to dinner tonight with the fam*

(4 eyeshadows ranging from light to dark)

First off we all know we need to start off with a clean face and eyelids for the best results.

Step 1: Apply a primer or base to your lid blending up.
(I am using elf eyeshadow stick-smoke)

Step 2:  Apply the 2nd lightest eyeshadow on your lid. Do not put the e/s above your crease.
(I am using Mac Satin Taupe)

Step 3: Using your 3rd darkest color. Blend e/s into crease. Blending upward.
(I am using Mac Handwritten) Blending your eyeshadows is very important! You don't want to walk around with harsh lines. (Fingers are the best blending tool) :-)


   Step 4: Using your darkest color. Apply it to the outer corner of your eyelid, blending inward. This dark color help intensify the look. (I am using Mac Black Tied)

Step 5: Using your lightest color. Apply a sheer coat right under your brow.

Step 6: Using a pencil Brush or a Q-tip. Place your 3rd darkest color along your lower lashline.
(This is what's considered the smoke effect)

Step 7: Rim your eyes with black eyeliner. (I am using Mac eye kohl- Smolder)

Step 8: Curl Lashes & apply several coats of your favorite eyeshadow.

And there you have it. There's a few steps involved. Over all, it's a fun look and really easy to do. I hope you all enjoyed.