Friday, September 17, 2010

Another rainy day...

Hey bloggers. So I haven't been feeling well lately, been feeling really sick :-(. Anyways, I thought I'd share my night/day with you all. We headed to dinner last night. We went to this really nice Mexican restaurant name Papo's. The place was packed and dinner took longer than usual. Nonetheless, my burrito was the bomb (lol). On a normal day, I would of ordered a frozen margarita (because who goes to a mexican place not drink , but since I've been feeling sick I just wasn't up to it. Although, I almost ordered a Sangria (it looked tasty). Anyways, dinner went well. Once we got home we opt to watch Hancock. (Which will always be a classic, due to the fact I went in labor at the theatres watching it with M). So of course I fell asleep, lol. Anyways, I woke up really early, and sent the Mr. on his way. It started pouring down, which ruined my plans for the day which was just to drive around the city (in hopes of finding a nail salon) and get lunch. So instead, Quil and I watched Monsters Inc where he repeated just about every word of the dialogue. Today we are just going to relaxed inside. I decided to catch up on some reading while Quil watched The Backyardigans. Oh, also something I'm really excited about!! We have been watching the UFC fights(I think those are the 1's) and they are really interesting. Anywho, I am seriously thinking about joining a kickboxing class. I am trying to find one in the area and also a class that fits in between Mike's schedule. He asked me a couple times if I checked into it, and then said hmm I don't think I want you to think I'm going to try a few moves on him...Hmmmm I just

Sooooo, on another note once the baby takes his nap I am going to start watching the Gossip Girl Series :-).... Well sorry to cut things short, but Quil is tugging on my arm saying eat's lunch time!!

Until next time....


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