Wednesday, August 4, 2010

TAG: Photography Mission

Hey people!!! I've been agged for the very 1st time!! So I was tagged by Keira to do this fun post. Check out her lovely blog here.

Instructions are:

***This post MUST include your own pictures of each item asked, and you must include NO description or details about it, leave it to the imagination. :D ***

1. Favorite nail polish at the moment.
2. One-three makeup products you can't live without.
3. Do you have a teddy bear?
4. Something random in your room:
5. Take a picture of a picture.
6.What's outside your front door?
7. Show me your computer's background.
8. How many songs do you have on your itunes/ music playlist?
9. How's the weather today?
10. . Go here >>> select an effect, upload a picture of you or someone else (must be a clear pic otherwise the face detection wont work on it for some effects) and post the picture below.

 Hope yall enjoyed!