Monday, August 30, 2010

A Good Day!

Today I woke up to kisses from my little love bug. He is such a sweetheart when he want to be. I decided to walk to Bennet to pick up dinner for the night. Filling a little creative I decided to try something different: Stuffed Cannelloni, which turned out pretty good. So as expected I went there and picked up more that just dinner...smh. Once I got to Bennet I decide to just chill out. So I order a Coffee and a blueberry muffin from McDonalds and sat there and read Wifey-part 1. 20 minutes later I found myself standing in front of a white Fossil watch that I've been eyeing for some time now. Mike wasn't there to stop me, so I pulled out my credit card and charged Initially, I went to Bennet just to get dinner and try to find a pair of running sneakers to no avail, and came out with a new watch and 2 bags of groceries. The walk back was crucial. Once I got back, the boys took a nap. I decided to go for a jog only to find out I am more out of shape than I thought, also the small hills didn't help either. Once I got back Mike assisted me with doing some extra abdominal work that had me tired but feeling good. I made a yummy fruity smoothie for my lunch that I end up sharing with Jaquil. Today came and went. Overall it was a productive day. HOW WAS YOUR DAY? Don't be afraid to comment.

fall look??
Dinner came out tasty :-D

Until next time!!

xoxo Tysh


  1. the Watch goes hard, Mookie Poo is crunk off the watermelon! Dinner??? hmmmm...#mysterymeal lls

  2. That grub was good! AInt even gonna lie