Thursday, August 26, 2010

Cantu, Italy

So I am still jet lag :-( I've been here five days and I still just can't seem to get on schedule. Well I'm just about settled in our new place. I love it. It is spacious and we have three bedrooms this time. Jaquil is now 2yo so I thought it'll be a great idea for him to get use to sleeping by himself. Don't get me wrong I love my baby, but every once in a blue I like to cuddle with daddy(even though I've been sleeping in Jaquil's room next to him) I must say he is doing pretty well. He is growing into a well mannered young boy (pat on the back) with the exception of some terrible two tantrums that I'm working on. Mike and Jaquil have been sleeping like babies. Me on the other hand. I've been staying up til 4a.m reading (Torn by Keisha Ervin ). I've never been one to explore. Although I love the experience of living in different countries I don't usually take advantage of it by checking things out. I think this year will be different. I have a lot planned. My son is learning everyday, so I plan to teach him all he need to know. Also, I am unhappy with my weight (132lbs).I really just want to tone and get in shape. I am not going to start a new diet or anything because I eat less when I'm in Europe anyway. I blame the United States for my love handles!  I'm 5'2 1/2 in height and all my weight just seems to go directly to my boobs and midsection which leaves me suffering a mild case of noassatal (no ass at all). Anywho, I also plan to check out the city and the surrounding cities this time. Mike is not a fan of exploring so it looks like it'll be just Quil & Mommy. I am a major slacker. I will sit in the house all day with no problem. It doesn't bother me, but that will change. I plan to start taking walks and  letting Quil have some run around time.
So on another note, I am proud to say I have not worn any makeup for the past couple days with the exception of some mascara (and I didn't even where that today :-)). My complexion is getting lighter and I am having some pimple problems. I've notice that every time I come to a foreign country my face acts up..smh. Not to mention I am growing my eyebrows out, so I look a hot mess right now...but it's all good. So today we all went to the local grocery store which is huge like a Walmart. I was excited to buy a blender to start making smoothies for breakfast so I bought a bunch of  fruit. Once we left, Mike let me drive back to our place. We got lucky, our car is an automatic with stick shift settings (if that make any sense). I was super nervous, and Mike just laughed at said "its automatic" lol. Having a car that I can drive will be very helpful when Mike is away on the road. Also, I plan to join a gym :-D I am super excited about that. Next summer, I hope to be in the best shape ever. Well its after 1a.m. so I think I'll read a little and then head to bed.

Quil & Mommy in Liege, Belgium

Until next time



  1. Ohh, it's my pic :D

    I'm happy to meet you. I wish all the best for your family.

    Kiss from Liège

    and hello to Mike and Jaquil ! :-)

  2. thank you cedric....also, very nice picture.i love your camera..i will tell mike hi.. :-D

  3. awww I miss u n cnt wait to visit!!! Have my room ready :)

  4. Hi Tasha!
    Annick told me about your blog ! like it !!!
    hope all is good in ITALY !

  5. Hey Soph...thanks for checking it out! I m glad you like it :-)