Friday, July 23, 2010

Thirsty Thursday-Happy Hour

Hello all!!!! So I've been trying to find some inspiration to keep my blog as entertaining and informative as possible. I got this idea from my manfriend. He told me that I should make my blog a little more unisex. And I totally agree. I shouldn't assume that just women are looking at this blog. So guys pull out the glassware and make wifey a cocktail. <3

It's Thursday, the weekend is almost here. So let's have a drink after dinner and enjoy a nice chick flick (sorry babe, gotta keep it girly one way or One of my favvvvvvorite drinks is MOJITOS. It's a cool and refreshing summer drink. I just love the minty flavor. This is a really easy recipe. Try it- You might like it!!!


Things you'll need:

7 up soda
club soda
lemon juice
mint leaves
ice (optional)
muddler (or something similar in shape- use your imagination)

** I am making a 2qt pitcher. So my measuring is based on that. Use your ingredients to taste. I prefer 1 1/2 shot glass of rum for every 12oz.**

Step 1: In your pitcher, take your mint leaves, half cup of sugar, and half cup of lemon juice . Use a muddler (I do not have a muddler, I am using a clean potato masher) to muddle the leaves. The idea of this is to release some of the mint flavor.

Step 2: Add club soda and 7up soda ( I like to use 7up for more lemon and lime taste). You want to use more 7up than club soda.

Step 3: Use a shot glass and add 8-9 shots of white rum (more or less depending on your preference)

Step 4: Cut lemon and lime into thin slices. Squeeze juices into pitcher. Add the slices to pitcher.

Step 5: Stir all the ingredients.

Step 6: Place pitcher in the refrigerator to chill...or pull a glass and add some ice cubes.

Step 7: Enjoy!!!

Try it out and tell me what you guys think of this drink!!!

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xoxo Tysh

Yum! I think he likes it!! :-D

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