Thursday, July 8, 2010

Some Great Buys

Recently I made some purchases that are great for the buck. Check out the items below and try them out.

xoxo Tysh

Colgate Wisp Mini-Brush

These things are great. I've been carrying them around in my purse and they really come in handy. These little brushes is the thing to freshen you up mid-day or after a meal. I like them a lot. Try it out!!

Sigma Makeup Brushes
SS197  &  SS224
I recently ordered these brushes off Everyone that knows me know that I have a current makeup obsession. Well, these brushes are comparable to Mac brushes and they're wallet friendly. The SS197 is a flat top kabuki brush. I love love love to use this brush for liquid foundations, it goes on smoothly & blends well. The SS224 is the perfect blending brush. Great for blending multiple eye shadows together to give a neat look. Very fluffy and soft, one of my favorites.

This product is a must-have. I use this moisturizer mainly at night(when I'm going out).It gives a nice glow to your skin without making you look like you dumped a bucket of glitter on your I love it and been using it for couple years now. Try it. You won't be disappointed (unless you hate shimmer).

Last but not least. I've been wanting a new camera for some time now. Finally, I broke down and purchased one. I am in love with this camera and have been playing with it since I walked out of the store. It takes pretty good pictures and it's so pretty (lol). I love the sleek black look. Oh yea, I think I'm a photographer now :-). BTW, it was priced great, very affordable ;-)

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