Friday, July 30, 2010

July Favorites 2010

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Bonjour my lovelys. lol. Doing this very hot month of July I have some products that I just have to have. These items are my go-to items. I've been using everything everyday...if not almost everyday!

Mac's Fix + is actually one of my summer favorites. I don't know. It just keeps me feeling refreshed. It can be mid-day and I'll just spray some of this on my face. Besides refreshing my face, I also use it to set my make-up when I'm going out. I use it as a mixing medium for my loose eyeshadows or even if I want to give one of my pressed eyeshadows a little more pigmentation. So I use it for a bunch of things, but for those hot sticky days this baby works magic- in my opinion.

Covergirl's Lash Blast mascara is the best. I absolutely do not leave home without it or at least putting it on...if i do not put any make-up on my face, I always load on this baby.

***SO, a quick story. When I was living in Belgium I did my own eyebrows. I didn't trust anyone. So I plucked and use those little eyebrow razors that you get from walmart. Any who, one day my razor became dull so I decided to use my boyfriend's little mustache trimmer. To make a long story midget, as I was cleaning my under brows I was also trimming my eyelashes off. OH EM GEE!!!! I was petrified!!! Mike had a game that day. I was not leaving out the house. Luckily, I had some Mac half-lashes in my beauty train case. I popped those babies on and loaded some lash blast. I felt so insecure at that game. No one even noticed until I mentioned it..:-)***

So anyways, I guess the wax inside of the mascara helped my lashes to grow back long and strong within a matter of weeks.(I actually brought water-proof by a mistake. I was skeptical about using waterproof mascara because I've heard bad reviews about the wax not being good for your lashes and that they make them fall out---who would of knew :-)) I also love this mascara so much can be so hot and sticky out and I never have to worry about having raccoon eyes..I love this stuff and I totally recommend it to EVERYONE...who wants nice full lashes with volume..It definitely does the job.

Next is my blackberry which by far is the best phone ever. I had the Blackberry Curve 8900 but because my phone decided it wanted to get water & sand damage...SMH..I had to get upgraded to the Bold. Basically same features almost the same look. The Bold has a little censor pad instead of the track ball. The back has some type of padding on it. But anyways, I love my blackberry and I do not leave home without it (even though no one calls me)-:..)

Nude Color Nail Polishes. I have seriously been wearing many different shades of nude nail polish this month. I don't know why. I go through my fazes. I really like the fact that the colors are soft and and just go with anything. I've been wearing some off whites, baby pinks, and my favorite soft taupe colors. I am currently wearing a soft nude color by O.P.I. topped with a clear glittery polish for that extra What are you girls favorite nail polishes??

Mac's Lip Conditioning Stick SPF15. Here is another product that I have fell in love with. This was recommended to me by a friend. (Thanks Sheri!!) I have weird My lips peel periodically, for this I try to exfoliate my lips. This is something that just like to happens on it's own. So far I have not had any problems with this product. I don't have to worry about that horrible white line inside my lips appearing *YUCK* keeps my lips conditioned and add just the right amount of shine.

Dove Gentle Exfoliating Soap. I have become a big fan of exfoliating as I'm sure most of you picked up. I decided to buy something different from my normal white Dove and Lever 2000 ( I like to switch my soap up every month so my body doesn't get use to one scent). It don't smell as good as my white dove..but the feeling of the little beads feels good. It leaves my skin feeling nice and moisturized.

The Coach Julia op Art Wristlet. This little wristlet is so handy. I am a HUGE bag lover. I love big bags. The bigger the better for me. Now that I have a child, I'm often rushing and forgetting everything. I often use this wristlet to run out to the market or target. I also use it when I'm going out on the town. It's the perfect size. I like to keep my ID, credit cards, money, chapstick, and blackberry. Very handy gals!!

Paris Hilton Perfume by Paris Hilton --- I haven't actually been wearing the perfume, but I've been carrying around the little perfume stick that comes with the set. It's really convenient, and the scent isn't too strong. I don't wear perfume everyday so this perfume stick comes in handy when I want a light scent to go.

Last but not least. Pizza Hut Wing Street Wings. These babies are delicious. I have literally been ordering every week, and sometimes twice a week. LOL. I am a spicy food lover, so I get mine in Buffalo Burnin' Hot. I love it. These wings are perfect for a get together, or a sports party. They come in several different flavors and you can also get them in boneless, traditional, or crispy. I love traditional!!

What are you guys favorite items??

Comment and let me know. I love trying new things out!!!

Hope you enjoyed

xoxo Tysh


  1. Isn't it Lash Blast by Cover girl? im confused and i forgot to buy Mac's fix+ today when i went! ;-( I knew i was missing something.

  2. you so right!! thanks!! ima make the correction right now!! :-D thanks keira!!

  3. Really loving nude colors too I've bought about 5 new OPI colors in the last two weeks haven't used them all yet but so far my fave is "Moon over Mumbai" I only buy OPI it's something about the way it goes on...just perfect!
    And as far as phones...iPhone 3GS! Debating on whether to upgrade to the 4G? But for now I'll keep rocking out with mine! Lol
    Loving the blog!

  4. Thanks Janae! II love OPI too..I dnt have to worry about my nail polish chipping with it. So far china glaze is good too a lil cheaper than OPI..but they are both good investments!! im telling you blackberry is where its and ima try that moon over mumbai!!