Friday, July 16, 2010

Enhance your Beauty

Hola girlies. Here is a routine I do almost everyday. I have really bad skin (blemishes, scars, and uneven skin tone) that I try to hide under makeup. Make-up isn't really good for your skin everyday. I try to give my face a break every couple of days, just to let my skin breathe. Below is two photos of yours truly :-). The first photo is me with no make-up. The 2nd photo I added a few products to "fake" a healthy looking skin (doesn't even look like I have anything on) That's the point ;-)

photos are enlarge

Here I am with a clean face and a little carmex lip balm on the lip.

Here, I applied a dime size amount of tinted moisturizer to cover some of the redness on my face. I use a tinted wax stick to give my brows a more tame look. Next, I applied a black liner to my tightline to give my lashes a fuller look, follow by some brown liner to my waterline for my bottom lashes. Then I curled my eyelashes and applied two coats of my favorite mascara. Finally, I applied a lip conditioning to my lip and wha-la. Very natural looking.

optional- you can add a little bronzer for some color and a tinted lip color, but don't forget you are enhancing your beauty. Let's not go over

I can't live without my mascara!!! <3

xoxo Tysh


  1. You are completely right. I do not put makeup on everyday. I let my face breath and i noticed my skin became healthier looking. Its also so easy for some of us to go overboard with the whole makeup thing... ugh so many colors i can get lost lol. :-) ~Keira

  2. thanks for commenting Keira.
    -btw, my son has those little movers jeans. Aren't they just adoreable?? So cute! :-)

  3. I love it keke it looks so natural!!!

  4. thanks sheri!!! look out for my july favorites post!! I mentioned you in it :-)